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The reason employees get into trouble with expenses is that we, as budget holders and managers etc., haven’t set expectations on what is reasonable.

You cannot write expenditure limits into a one-size-fits-all policy. It never works and it creates more debate and irritation than what it’s worth. The variables between trips are far too great. For example, a room in the Sydney CBD is going to be a lot more expensive than a room in Albury and rates will rise and fall depending on demand.

It’s for this reason organisations should consider swapping detailed policies on what employees can and…

Javier Allegue Barros

Over the past 12 months, we have had time to reflect and think about inefficiency within current travel platforms and consider how we might do things differently to deliver solutions for the betterment of consumers of travel products and services.

This includes more emphasis for suppliers to deploy new technologies such as the New Distribution Capability (NDC). The NDC, launched in 2012, is an XML data transmission standard that allows airlines to distribute and sell a wider variety of products and services more efficiently using APIs.

The NDC has been first and foremost designed to reduce the costs (for the…

I was sent the following update to an insurance policy this week by a major travel insurance provider:

Travel to a country with a travel warning:

For travel to any country or a specific area that is subject to a travel warning, the insurance no longer applies if the government authorities in the country of the company headquarters where the traveller is employed or the WHO has advised against the travel at the time when the trip starts.

Insurance coverage is, however, ensured and service is provided if an event that led to a travel warning has occurred unexpectedly after…

Last week we looked at the travel distribution market and how the money flows across players within the industry. This week we are looking at the effect technology has had on the travel marketplace and the downstream impact on the travel agent industry

Let’s get into it.

The internet has revolutionised the travel industry. The two major beneficiaries of the development of the internet are online travel agents and low-cost carriers. Let me explain.

Online Travel Agents

The internet has enabled the rise of online travel agents (OTAs) that can transact business more cost-effectively and reach a far larger audience…

How the travel industry works

To help readers make the best decisions around travel I thought it might be useful to explain how travel works. The travel industry is very complicated with many different players, so I’ll try to keep it simple. Also to avoid unnecessary brain explosions (mine not yours), we will run a series of articles over the course of a few weeks which we hope will help make sense of how the industry works, how it’s evolved in recent years and what impact COVID-19 is likely to have on this once vibrant industry.

Firstly, there are service…

Business travel hit rock bottom during 2020 with travel movements reducing up to 95% in many markets throughout the world. The new year has brought new hope, and despite a few early setbacks, we are starting to see a slight resurgence in travel within Australia and other parts of the world.

We are looking for things to return to “normal” soon enough. But are we prepared for the post-COVID changes in travel?

As organisations, we need to start considering our travellers and balancing their needs with the organisations. …

Photo by Russ Martin on Unsplash

Work and travel are inextricably linked. With travel being halted for the last 10 months due to COVID-19, Zoom and other video conferencing applications have allowed many of us to continue to work albeit in remarkably different environments. With Australian states starting to tentatively open their borders, discussions about a trans-Tasman bubble progressing and the vaccine not too far away, we will hopefully start to see travel restrictions being gradually lifted.

With the moderate spike in demand we have seen for travel over the Christmas holiday period, despite the difficulties with borders, I am eager to see whether trends will…

Photo by Paweł Czerwiński on Unsplash

What a year we have had. Being locked in our homes with nothing but a screen into the outside world. It has definitely been a challenge.

As a Melburnian, having had one of the hardest and longest lockdown periods in the world, I can safely say that being stuck within 5km radius of my home is not pleasant. But I also know there have been some real benefits of being at home, specifically working from home.

I’m not the first to say that being forced to work from home over the last few months has been both time and cost-efficient…

TripApprove’s ‘Fit to Travel’ form in action

With Moderna, Pfizer and Oxford-AstraZeneca all announcing highly promising vaccine results, it’s no surprise that the focus has firmly turned to when and how we will be getting back into international travel.

Qantas’ statement that passengers will need to show proof of a coronavirus vaccine before they are allowed to fly internationally is responsible and not unexpected, given the hardline stance Australian Federal and State governments have taken to control the virus.

Off the back of these developments, we are excited to announce that we have just released an optional “Fit to Travel” form that allows travellers to provide customer-driven…

COVID has taught us a lot about our travel programs and how we can do things better. While most travel is still stalled, the promise of a vaccine in 2021 means business travel will slowly come back onto the global radar. However, if you’re like most companies out there, it’s likely your travel budget has been slashed and is unlikely to return to pre-COVID levels any time soon. Better and more closely managing your travellers’ movements is also going to become a new necessity.

So how do you future-ready and add value to your corporate travel program post-COVID? …


Software company with a habit of developing applications to help organisations better manage travel in a dynamic and ever changing travel market.

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